Not sure about these classes…and

Okay, people, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I have my school schedule under control, though I am skeptical of how well I’m going to do in my #AltJournalism class since I’m a big supporter of digging for the truth whether I like what I find or not. On top of that I have to take a course on how to spot fake news. What the hell is going on?

On to the reason you’re here – the strange and unusual. Things that can’t be explained. Noises in the night that freak you out. Scratches at your window that leave marks…okay I’m stopping now because I’m freaking myself out.

This week Trevor’s Tikis and Totems opened up. I went in to check things out, and because the thirty percent off fit nicely with my sickly bank account. The store carries a wide range of items from stuffed spirit plushies (I picked up one of a coffee cup) to candles that claim to do various things from making your kitchen smell like pancakes for eternity, keeping money in your wallet at all times, to repelling spirits from your home, and cursing tele-marketers.

Their home décor items range from statues that double as home alarm systems when awoken, but they come with a manual three inches thick and the buyer has to be able to read Aramaic. There were some neat looking vases and ornamental boxes but the sales woman told me I didn’t have the required credentials to own them (whatever the heck those are).

I spoke with the owner, Gavin Moist, and he explained that all his items came with a certificate of authenticity that was good for up to thirty hours after purchase. He stands by his products and promises anyone who isn’t happy is welcome to go elsewhere.

And the weird of the week? Logansville Pool Supply is halting installation until further notice. I spoke with four clients who are not pleased with the work so far. When I asked them to specify what it was they weren’t happy with, they all said the fact the newly dug holes in their backyards emitted screeching noises and battle cries all night long.

Having to back up what they claimed with my own proof I spent the night at two of the residences, on my own. I now have thirty-seven grey hairs, and will never enter a pool again.

I called the owner of the company a dozen times but have yet to get a response. A statement is up on their website about waiting for a shaman to be available to do assessments for ideal pool placement.

Don’t go in the water, folks.


Be on the look out…the norm

It’s official. Once is by chance, two is coincidence, and three – let me stop you there because there are no coincidences in Logansville.

There have been at least two confirmed sightings of the camera crew for Eerie Encounters. They’ve been spotted near Twisted Plots Cemetery and Mrs. Gigham’s backyard. Though the second one is kind of a given.

I’ve called and emailed, getting nowhere of course. No one really takes a fledgling reporter seriously and it’s not like I want to flaunt around the fact I broke the Moonlight Kill case, but I will to uncover the truth.

And the truth in this case seems to be that Logansville is one of the top three contenders for the next episode of Eerie Encounters. If only they knew, we have enough going on here to provide at least two seasons worth of material, but hopefully they won’t pick up on that. The last thing we need is them nosing around.

On to other things, parking meters in Logansville are being stolen. I don’t mean emptied of their change, I mean stolen. Ripped out of the ground. Anyone know how well anchored those things are? Let’s just say the hole left behind is about three feet in diameter and at least two feet deep. So far there have been no witnesses, but sources close to the case may have mentioned discovering a fish scale on the scene.

What does that mean? I have no idea. If a fish doesn’t need a bicycle I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need spare change either.

Will keep you updated, and just in case, watch out for those camera crews. I don’t trust them. I swear they’d film the end of the world if it got them ratings.

New year…

Hey, folks,

It’s been a couple of months since I posted. Most of you know why, but for those of you who have been under a rock, I’ll give you a brief summary.

The Moonlight Killer has been stopped. Chief Jorgensen discovered the identity of the murderer, Dr. Heinrich Schlecht, a professor of biology at Logansville University. After his identity came out the chase was on. He abducted a woman, but she was freed (and ran away afterward) by a civilian.

Later in the night, the chief and the unidentified civilian were able to take down Schlecht. The confrontation ended with his death. Rumors of a wild animal tearing him apart are exaggerations.

And here is the big news, I have a boyfriend now. Remember the hottie from the strip club? Yeah, we’re a thing now. He’s really nice and has no idea I write this blog, which is a good thing. He’s a bit overprotective.

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’ll be doing my posts once more – varying topics of course, but it will be nice to report on the strange and unusual and not a serial killer.

So, hope everyone had a good holiday and remember to keep those tips about the weird things you see, coming in.

Sometimes the words are hard to find…

Today is a sad day for the investigation team working on the Moonlight Killer case. We lost a member, Charlie Henshaw, our forensic guy. He was just a kid, like me. Good at his job and nice.

How things went from great to crap to maybe it will be okay makes no sense to me.

Thanksgiving with tall, dark, and stripping was…entertaining. It had all the holiday trappings I had intended to avoid, disapproving parents, relationship drama, murder accusations, a coming out, and a food fight. Buddy enjoyed himself, so that’s something.

Even with all the crazy – things worked out in the end. The not so nice girlfriend took off so my future husband is now available. And he is really good at the comforting thing.

See, while we were cleaning up after the chaos I got a call to go to a crime scene – it was terrible. I’ve never had a friend who was murdered before and I can’t say I’m a fan.

I am more determined than ever to solve this case and catch this serial killer – Charlie wasn’t killed in a random act of violence – of that I am sure.


I broke tradition…

Okay, as the title indicates – I am breaking from tradition.

It might only be a two-year-old tradition, but it was one I was looking forward to. Then along came tall, dark, and stripping and low and behold I have plans for Thanksgiving. Which is a shocker since things took a big turn for the bad when I turned him in because I suspected he was the Moonlight Killer. But what was I supposed to think when I overheard him talking about dead bodies? Which I can’t go into right now, police business and all that, but when I bust this case open all will be explained.

Awkward much?

Anyways, we worked it out and are friends again. If his frantic plea for help in preparing Thanksgiving dinner for his girlfriend and her family is any indication. Other than my stupidity for still liking him.

Anyways – hopefully things will be quiet the next few days – famous last words, right?

Enjoy your turkey day!

It’s here…

Well, folks – Thanksgiving week has arrived in Logansville.

This week we have the annual Turkey Revival – so buckle up, parents get ready to soothe your kids, and therapists get yourself on that on-call list. The parade of the damned starts Friday when people bring back their turkey carcasses. (Seriously, who came up with this?)

Then, those who get through the parade without losing their breakfast can deal with Black Friday sales – which, as usual, are strange and unusual.

Smoking Hot Bodies is offering an extended warranty on cremations. (Yeah, I don’t get it either)

Hairy’s Diner is offering a two for one special to all who bring in a picture of Bigfoot going through their trash, bonus pie to those who provide a photo of the big guy at the dinner table.

Creature Comforts is having an 80% off sale on their summer line of “Keep ’em Under” pool accessories.

I’m sure there are other specials and what not but these are the ones that caught my attention.

In the meantime I’m dodging family calls and stocking up on reading material – you may have forgotten there is a serial killer on the loose, but I haven’t.

Good eating, people!


The weekend before the great gorge…

The Friday before Thanksgiving and all is going too well.

I have a feeling something bad is about to happen. Call it a gut instinct or perhaps just common sense when it comes to the town of Logansville.

No one has mentioned hearing from my friend who went through the door, but I’m not giving up on him.

My parents are already bugging me about coming home for Thanksgiving. I told them I have to work, which is kind of true. I figured it was better than saying I’d rather stick a fork in my eye.

And the fact I have gotten closer to a certain person who shall remain nameless has nothing to do with it. Plus he has a girlfriend (that if you ask me is using him for money but that’s none of my business).

Anyways, the only strange and unusual news we have to end the week on is that everything is normal. That in and of itself is weird.

I searched high and low for any tidbit but came up empty. So, I hit my archives of various messages, notes, photos, and other correspondences (you have no idea the kind of things people send me – and here’s a tip, if you have to put it in an airtight container because of the smell, I probably don’t want it)

So –

Dear Lucy,

Long time reader, first time writing. I live in the western part of Logansville near the park. There’s a small café I like going to, Better Latte than Never, it is just the nicest place. Anywho, I was there last week with a few of my girlfriends when I overheard someone talking about having to pay a plumber an outrageous sum of money to do a simple unclog. Well, I had just had to do something similar and was about to ask who she used when she continued with her story.

Apparently, the plumber said that several houses were affected and the thing he had to take out of the drains was dangerous. Some sort of poisonous parasite or some such nonsense. He told her that animal control was too worried to deal with it and that a few other organizations were starting to worry because it was turning into an infestation.

Well, let me tell you, I spoke to my friends a.s.a.p and wouldn’t you know, all of them had a similar experience in the last two weeks. Turns out that plumber was right.

But what’s strange is that none of us remember seeing him actually take anything out of the pipes or drains. All we remember is him taking out some newfangled piece of equipment and jamming it into the drains.

And to make things even stranger when I called animal control to check out this story they redirected me to the mayor’s office.

Don’t you think that’s something worth looking into?


Abigail F.