Not sure about these classes…and

Okay, people, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I have my school schedule under control, though I am skeptical of how well I’m going to do in my #AltJournalism class since I’m a big supporter of digging for the truth whether I like what I find or not. On top of that I have to take a course on how to spot fake news. What the hell is going on?

On to the reason you’re here – the strange and unusual. Things that can’t be explained. Noises in the night that freak you out. Scratches at your window that leave marks…okay I’m stopping now because I’m freaking myself out.

This week Trevor’s Tikis and Totems opened up. I went in to check things out, and because the thirty percent off fit nicely with my sickly bank account. The store carries a wide range of items from stuffed spirit plushies (I picked up one of a coffee cup) to candles that claim to do various things from making your kitchen smell like pancakes for eternity, keeping money in your wallet at all times, to repelling spirits from your home, and cursing tele-marketers.

Their home décor items range from statues that double as home alarm systems when awoken, but they come with a manual three inches thick and the buyer has to be able to read Aramaic. There were some neat looking vases and ornamental boxes but the sales woman told me I didn’t have the required credentials to own them (whatever the heck those are).

I spoke with the owner, Gavin Moist, and he explained that all his items came with a certificate of authenticity that was good for up to thirty hours after purchase. He stands by his products and promises anyone who isn’t happy is welcome to go elsewhere.

And the weird of the week? Logansville Pool Supply is halting installation until further notice. I spoke with four clients who are not pleased with the work so far. When I asked them to specify what it was they weren’t happy with, they all said the fact the newly dug holes in their backyards emitted screeching noises and battle cries all night long.

Having to back up what they claimed with my own proof I spent the night at two of the residences, on my own. I now have thirty-seven grey hairs, and will never enter a pool again.

I called the owner of the company a dozen times but have yet to get a response. A statement is up on their website about waiting for a shaman to be available to do assessments for ideal pool placement.

Don’t go in the water, folks.


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