Be on the look out…the norm

It’s official. Once is by chance, two is coincidence, and three – let me stop you there because there are no coincidences in Logansville.

There have been at least two confirmed sightings of the camera crew for Eerie Encounters. They’ve been spotted near Twisted Plots Cemetery and Mrs. Gigham’s backyard. Though the second one is kind of a given.

I’ve called and emailed, getting nowhere of course. No one really takes a fledgling reporter seriously and it’s not like I want to flaunt around the fact I broke the Moonlight Kill case, but I will to uncover the truth.

And the truth in this case seems to be that Logansville is one of the top three contenders for the next episode of Eerie Encounters. If only they knew, we have enough going on here to provide at least two seasons worth of material, but hopefully they won’t pick up on that. The last thing we need is them nosing around.

On to other things, parking meters in Logansville are being stolen. I don’t mean emptied of their change, I mean stolen. Ripped out of the ground. Anyone know how well anchored those things are? Let’s just say the hole left behind is about three feet in diameter and at least two feet deep. So far there have been no witnesses, but sources close to the case may have mentioned discovering a fish scale on the scene.

What does that mean? I have no idea. If a fish doesn’t need a bicycle I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need spare change either.

Will keep you updated, and just in case, watch out for those camera crews. I don’t trust them. I swear they’d film the end of the world if it got them ratings.


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