Sometimes the words are hard to find…

Today is a sad day for the investigation team working on the Moonlight Killer case. We lost a member, Charlie Henshaw, our forensic guy. He was just a kid, like me. Good at his job and nice.

How things went from great to crap to maybe it will be okay makes no sense to me.

Thanksgiving with tall, dark, and stripping was…entertaining. It had all the holiday trappings I had intended to avoid, disapproving parents, relationship drama, murder accusations, a coming out, and a food fight. Buddy enjoyed himself, so that’s something.

Even with all the crazy – things worked out in the end. The not so nice girlfriend took off so my future husband is now available. And he is really good at the comforting thing.

See, while we were cleaning up after the chaos I got a call to go to a crime scene – it was terrible. I’ve never had a friend who was murdered before and I can’t say I’m a fan.

I am more determined than ever to solve this case and catch this serial killer – Charlie wasn’t killed in a random act of violence – of that I am sure.



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