It’s here…

Well, folks – Thanksgiving week has arrived in Logansville.

This week we have the annual Turkey Revival – so buckle up, parents get ready to soothe your kids, and therapists get yourself on that on-call list. The parade of the damned starts Friday when people bring back their turkey carcasses. (Seriously, who came up with this?)

Then, those who get through the parade without losing their breakfast can deal with Black Friday sales – which, as usual, are strange and unusual.

Smoking Hot Bodies is offering an extended warranty on cremations. (Yeah, I don’t get it either)

Hairy’s Diner is offering a two for one special to all who bring in a picture of Bigfoot going through their trash, bonus pie to those who provide a photo of the big guy at the dinner table.

Creature Comforts is having an 80% off sale on their summer line of “Keep ’em Under” pool accessories.

I’m sure there are other specials and what not but these are the ones that caught my attention.

In the meantime I’m dodging family calls and stocking up on reading material – you may have forgotten there is a serial killer on the loose, but I haven’t.

Good eating, people!



One thought on “It’s here…

  1. No nono! Ayayay, chica, why tell them to eat the little burds? We need to work together, to bring all creatures to solisparity, to put a stop to this nonsystical killing! The luchador will NEVER! EVERS! simple the taste of such magnificient and machestip burds! Please, celberate with the great luchador, Life to All Living Beans!

    And the Luchador wishes you happy and wellness this hollyday, and says to eat lots of delicious veggies.

    The luchador wants you all to know that he loves you all unconventionally!

    PS Chica, please be safe. Something is very wrong in the park now. It smells of. . . carpaces.

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