What the spam folder turned up…

Alright, folks – I am posting this to see if anyone has information – I found this in my spam folder. Obviously, from a fellow believer like me.

I tried to contact him but have not heard anything. What could be on the other side?

[Sent 11/14/2016 by T. Bertinotti, department of Archaeology, Università di Rola La Sapienza]

So, the first thing you must understand is, I did not believe anything of this.

Not a word, ok?

But that was then.

The legend says that Marquis Palombara, a Roman noblemen, started dabbling in alchemy when he visited the Roman court of Queen Christina of Sweden – the one from the Garbo movie.

Christina had been exiled in Rome after her conversion to Catholicism, and as he always had a thing for alchemy.

Palombara was a Rosicrucian and under the eye of the Inquisition for his practices, but before being locked up in Castel Sant’Angelo he built five “magical” gates in his garden.

Of these only one survives, set in a wall, blocked with bricks and guarded by two statues of the Egyptian god Bes.

The place is pretty popular in Rome, and when you take your course in Epigraphy for a degree in Philology or Archaeology, the teacher will often assign you to sketching, describing and photographing the door, while taking notes of all the texts carved in its frame.

Stuff like


Which means “By crossing the door in this villa discoverer Jason will acquire a quantity of Medea’s fleece.”

Also, the place is popular because they placed it into a Tomb Rider console game, too.

The place is creepy, and much creepier when you consider there’s a nice list of people that disappeared through that door.

Which is, I repeat, bricked over.

In particular, there’s a guy called Giuseppe Francesco Borri, a student of Athanasius Kircher (that believed the earth was hollow). Borri went through in the mid-17th century, on a moonlit night.

Some said he was trying to evade the Inquisition, others that he had found a passage to his teacher’s Hollow World.

He came back, too, reappearing a few years later.

And from that moment, he never aged a day until his death, in 1695.

If he died – because the body was never found, and three years later tales started circulating about the Frenchman, the Count of Saint Germaine, the famous occultist and supposedly an immortal.

Some say that Borri had faked his death, and reinvented himself as the French alchemist and adventurer.

So where does all this leave us?

It leaves us here: first, something came out of my hours spent sketching the door for the Philology exam:


is written on the footstep of the gate.

You will notice that it reads “SI SEDES NON IS” for me on this side, but anyone coming from the other direction would read it “SI NON SEDES IS” (write it on a piece of paper, in all capitals, and try turning it around).

I think this is the key.

Tonight is the night of the super moon.

I have a good coat, a scarf, and a bag with my camera, a bottle of water and a few Mars bars.

Tonight I’ll try and pass through.

Wish me luck.


As I said, if anyone has heard anything or knows what’s going on – send me a message.

We have to watch out for doors now, too. Wonder if the words and symbols have anything to do with those coffins?


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