Monday morning means dug up graves…

Good morning!

How was everyone’s weekend?

I ventured out of research mode and followed up on a story sent in by a reader.

Residents of lower Logansville reported teams of people digging in Twisted Plots Cemetery. When asked what they were doing no answer was given. Calls to the mayor’s office have gone unanswered.

I went over to see for myself and counted seventeen new holes dug. What makes it even stranger is the fact that when I snuck in for a closer look there were coffins at the bottom marked with a strange symbol on the top. I snapped a few pics before one of the men pulled me off.

So, were they digging up new graves or old ones? There were no markers that I could see but that doesn’t mean anything in this town. We haven’t had a surge in dead people, or at least none that have been reported. But those plots don’t belong to anyone according to city records.

What say you, people? Why are people digging up graves and what do random strange symbols mean?

Is this worth looking into?

You bet – I’m getting back into research mode. Anything to get my mind off this whole serial killer werewolf thing.

If anyone pays their respects to a loved one this weekend, let me know what the status of the cemetery is…my privileges have been revoked.




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