Learning a new language

Did you know the Italian word for werewolf is lupo mannaro?

Me neither until recently. I went back to meet with Professora Lupi to try and see if there might be some sort of astrological link going on with our Moonlight Killer. I had to sit in on a few Italian classes since Lupi is not forthcoming with information and keeps yelling cazza/cazzi at me – and if google is right that does not sound pleasant at all.

Anyways – a lot of time wasted to find out that there is no link.

A dead end.



Back to square one in finding out who our werewolf is and how to stop him.

Elliot doesn’t believe me of course, then again he hasn’t seen the things I have and spending so much time in the office hasn’t let him experience Logansville. Sure he’s seen the little things that make you go hmm, heard things that make you wonder – but never experienced anything.

Until he does, I’m on my own. I know the general area to look for the killer but have to wait until the next full moon. So until then, I’ll be finding out ways to stop a werewolf.

And I think I own a certain someone an apology.




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