Paranormal psycholgist?

Were-wolf update  –

Remember how I said that our killer was a werewolf? I am even surer of it now. What we discovered in the forest was a giant step in the confirmation department. I can’t say what it was, but imagine if you will what would be left if you shaved a wolf? Interesting, right?

This throws into question all of my previous theories on lycanthropy. I made an appointment to talk with Professor Grimes, the head of the Mythology and Folklore department, but he referred me to Dr. Rickmam a paranormal psychologist. Now, bear with me. At first, I thought it was a joke. You know, tease the reporter of all things weird. But then, I looked the guy up.

He’s not part of some weird reality TV show about ghosts, cold spots, and fuzzy recordings. He is a psychologist for people of the paranormal persuasion. Now, I don’t know you about you, but I thought he would have a rather limited or short waiting list. Alas no – the earliest they could get me in was six months from now with a referral from another doctor I’ve never heard of and can’t find, three documented, verified, and witnessed occasions of “paranormal” behavior.

So, I went back to Grimes to find out what the heck was going on but discovered I needed to change my major in order to meet with him now. I’m not sure what’s going on, but they can’t stop me from finding out.

Back to the forums it is. I will solve this mystery and prove it is a werewolf once and for all.


One thought on “Paranormal psycholgist?

  1. Dear Miss Lane,

    I have encountered a few so called wolves of detestable nature in my travels. I assure you, should you need my assistance you must let me know. There is more danger here for the unaware than you are aware. For instance, a young lady visiting her Oma should never have to worry about a furry, deep toothed predator in pyjamas under the down comforter. So again, I implore you. If you need someone to kill a wolf, I may know someone who is remarkably skilled at killing wolves.



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