This is strange and unusual for so many reasons…

People, I have news of the wild, bizarre, and wacky kind.

I met with a certain stripper, again. We crossed paths and this time he had a dog, well more of a wolf, if the vet is to be believed. Anyways, we hit it off really well and after bathing (the dog) we made dinner plans. Even the appearance of his (insert bad word here) girlfriend didn’t ruin it. In fact, if you ask me they don’t seem all that romantical.

So, back to the news – this guy, who will remain as nameless as he does shirtless on weekends, is different. I knew it the moment our eyes met. I’m not sure what it is about him, maybe his natural animal magnetism…or something else? All I know is we’re hanging out again and something tells me life is about to get a lot more interesting. There’s more to him than he’s telling and I will find out what it is.

Disappointed in the news? No fears. While me and a guy getting along is newsworthy and a tad wacky, it is not why we’re here today.

Ms. Haversham, of the Logansville Havershams, called authorities to report the reappearance of her nephew Frank. He had been reported missing thirty-eight years ago. The problem is, he hasn’t aged a day. So either he has a great plastic surgeon or something strange and unusual is up. What adds to the mystery is that Ms. Haversham appears the same as her great-grandmother did when she first broke land two hundred years ago. I tried to go and talk with her but the guards at Private Acres wouldn’t let me in and when the thick-necked guards showed up, I skedaddled.

Not out of fear, just to make sure that I could report the story.

So, are the Havershams some sort of weird genetic copy of their relatives, or is it something else? Considering they come from Private Acres, my guess is something else.

And yeah, maybe the fact I met a guy I like is a bit wild and bizarre.


One thought on “This is strange and unusual for so many reasons…

  1. Ohhhhhh! Somebody’s crushing and gushing! You go girl!!

    The Havershams? They’re a little on the twisted side, hon. Good for a long distance interview, I guess. But I don’t recommend a face-to-face with Frank. Though I do remember something about him spending most of his younger days sleeping. And yeah, Private Acres can get freaky.

    See you, hon!


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