A werewolf?

Wowsers, folks, have I got an update for you.

I met with someone who I thought knew more about the case than he was saying when we first crossed paths in the back alley of a strip club. He is tall and handsome and of course has a girlfriend. Which is good because I need to stay focused on something other than his amazing hair. Anyways, he told me about his incident with a dog and getting bit. What made it interesting was two things. 1 was that he seemed hesitant about the facts. 2 is that he bit the dog back.

I mean, who does that? He bit the “alleged” dog back. My theories were already spinning wildly into the supernatural realm and then this. I wonder what this guy, who has the most soulful eyes you can imagine, is hiding.

He also said something that caught me off guard – he told me at one point, it may have been when he mentioned having a girlfriend, that I smelled angry. Now, I know there are a lot of ways to say something wrong. A lot of ways to sense if someone is angry, but smelly typically isn’t one of them.

So – now my mind is going in a whole new direction and this guy is the center of it. I’m pretty sure he’s the victim. He’s far too nice to be a bad guy. But then again this is Logansville and you just never know.

As for the rest of the investigation – I fully intend to reveal who the serial killer is – and the fact that he’s a werewolf.

How’s that for a start to the week?


One thought on “A werewolf?

  1. ATTN: Ms. Lucy Lane

    The Logansville Dept. of Forestry Affairs has received a complaint in regards to a recent incident involving an associate of yours and the Bitter Animals Wildlife Refuge. It is of our understanding that while you may have had nothing to do with the incident directly, you may be able to assist us in apprehending the individuals responsible for the release of several non-domesticate species into Logansville proper.

    There is also a strong probability that the release of said animals, including several dozen viagra-male potency test mice which have no doubt multiplied, have gained the attention of at least one of the canis lupus persuasion. From the forest. Hence our interest in the matter.

    If you have any information pertaining to a) the criminal responsible for the liberation of a bunch of hormonally raging mice or b) a WOLF. . . Call immediately.


    Officer D. Doolittle
    Ranger, Logansville
    Office of Forestry Affairs


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