Sigh…I forgot how life in Logansville can be.

Well, folks, it’s been a hell of a week.

Lots of information I can’t talk about, but a whole lot I can. Let’s get to it.

Mr. Browne reported seeing lights again. This time, authorities claim it was a meteor shower that reflected off of his pool. I would like to note there was no meteor shower, it was cloudy, and Mr. Browne does not have a pool, or a pond or a spa, or even a bird bath.

Mrs. Gigham won first place in the annual pre-Halloween Bigfoot hunt. This is her twenty-seventh consecutive win with a furry brown pelt of more questionable origin than the other participants. Judges issued a reminder that although hunting of any kid is prohibited on Halloween that anyone who chooses to dress in a furry costume is taking their life into their own hands.

Creature Comforts is having their annual fall blowout sale. This year there are sphinx sofas (where you have to answer three riddles before you can purchase them), cadaver chairs (bodies not included), and Autopsy-Your-Dinner tables. Is it just me or is this place carrying weirder and weirder items ever year?

Mr. Jellystone called in a sighting of two oddly dressed men near Main St. He described them as being wrapped in bandages and bickering over finances. I would like to note here, I am starting to think we might have a mummy on the loose on top of everything else.

And that wraps up the week – hopefully, this weekend is less exciting and I can work on my story.

As always, stay safe, people.


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