Anyone seen my marbles?

Well, our chief is not as inept as I thought. If he cut down on the booze he’d actually be a pretty good detective. Time will tell whether or not he decides to go that route.

I’ve been following up on a few theories but right now I need to catch up on a new entry into the strange and unusual category.

Longtime Logansville resident William Newell reported the theft of his marbles. His collection numbered in the thousands and had an estimated worth of $238. The police opted not to follow up on this considering they are investigating a murder. The insurance company refuses to look into claims below $500.

So, Mr. Newell has asked me to reach out to you, my readers of the strange and unusual. He would like his marbles back, and to be honest, I think the sooner the better. With each message, he seems to get more and more lost.

This on the heels of Ms. Simard telling her Gossip Group that even though she can’t prove it, she is absolutely positive that someone broke into her house and ripped off her collection of murders of the 70’s dioramas she made out of used Q-tips.

The thief left no prints or any evidence of how he or she entered the home in both instances. There is no link between the two crimes other than no one knows why someone would steal those particular items.

Lock it up folks, we got a thief who likes to steal odd things.


One thought on “Anyone seen my marbles?

  1. Oh my my. How the natives do grow restless. Ms. Lane, I’m dreadfully sorry for all of the drama that seems to be plaguing us of late. Yes, I’ve heard of a few odds and ends gone missing in the past week, but from what I’ve gathered, it would appear none of them are of exceptional value. Hmmm. Perhaps perhaps perhaps. Oh, did I say that out loud, hehe? Yes. Avid Cake fan here. As I write this on my Italian Leather Sofa. As for the items, I understand a few other tengibles have gone astray, to include, a few buckets, one or two ladders, the monkey bars from Tiny Terrors Toddler Gym, and an unusual amount of springs.

    In other news, I also have heard rumor that the mice of Logansville have grown in an abundant number since the spring, and well, we just can’t take chances. Now if anyone of you good subscribers have concerns, I may know a good and humane mouse warden currently looking for work, though rumor has it he is working on a much larger project to keep the little friends entertained and out of the streets.

    Soooo… oh yeah. Does anyone wish to volunteer a few items to the good of public health? We at Peiper’s Pest Control are in need of few bowling balls, bowling pins, pulleys, rope, very large rubber bands, and as always, cheese is welcome!

    Ta for now ^v^

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