Back to the strange and unusual…for now.

The news isn’t good – the police received another organ in the mail on the heels of one of the professors from the university going missing. It doesn’t look good.

My hypothesis about the full moon has been proven correct. Another jar delivered on the morning after the full moon.

You know things are desperate when the chief of police is willing to work with me – of course, I’m not supposed to talk about that. So, you didn’t hear it from me. And I won’t be posting any details of the case up here other than The Moonlight Killer has a thing for the full moon. We have another 26 days until another person goes missing. Where will they be from?

Since I am not allowed to report about the case any longer (something to do with riling up the public and causing fear) I am going to talk about what I set out to do – the strange and unusual.

All I’ve been able to collect this week is that the motto for the new salon is “Stone Cold Gorgeous” and the mummies from a few weeks ago have been spotted once again in the company of Mr. Sousterre. Only this time it was entering through the back entrance if the building that just happens to have the mayor’s office in it.

On a side note, I’m not supposed to write about the mayor anymore either. It upset the chief…so, let’s keep this between us. He has no idea how to use the internet at the moment so the chances of him finding out about this blog are pretty slim.

Have a safe weekend, folks.


One thought on “Back to the strange and unusual…for now.

  1. Oh hey girl! I know. That new chief, right? Hon, he came in here the other day complaining about cholesterol. CHOLESTEROL! Then turned his nose up at the menu. The WHOLE menu. Ordered a friggin’ Sigmund Sea Monster and water. No tip, go figure. To top it off, he covered it well with Old Spice or something else cheap no doubt, but my did that man smell about 40 proof. We got us a winner there. Boy do I feel safe. No thank you. I’ll take my chances on one of the boys from Shakers to protect us, if I have to. Heck, half the police force couldn’t run down a criminal around here anyway…unless the perp had a doughnut in his pocket, haha! Oh, I know. That was mean. I’ll be nice. Gotta get back to it. See you, hon!


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