It’s Friday already?

This week has been a blur. Between school and investigating I have barely had time to keep up with the happenings in town.

Thankfully, not much has gone on. At least not much worth reporting. Which means I am going to share some of the details of my investigation.

After meeting with Luche I followed up on his info. Right now the police say they’ve received one jar – but is that true? How do we know there haven’t been others? They did have a nickname for this killer, which let me tell you, mine is going to be so much better. Anyways, who has names for potential serial murderers handy?

True, this town is weird, but not that weird.

So, based upon that, we can safely surmise there have been other jars. This means other victims unless it’s different parts of the same body. This is possible, but I have my doubts based upon the information I’ve been digging up (not literally).

I’ll leave it there for now and mention my favorite hair place has just been bought by someone and is getting a makeover. Can’t say I’m happy about that.

One last thing – tonight is the black moon – some sort of weird event that only happens every few years. Considering the killer seems to plan things around the full moon who knows what he might have in mind for tonight.
Keep safe, folks.



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