It has been a quiet week…too quiet?

I’ve been going over files in my free time and discovered a disturbing pattern. I know I’m right now about the appearance of gifts from “The Pickler” and the full moon. More on that after I meet with one of the professors in the Folklore in your Daily Life program.

As for town news, three complaints have been lodged this month against Bob’s Antique Bootique. I’ve been to this place. One time was enough. Everything there came with a “certificate of cursing” and smaller items were sold in sets of thirteen. I looked at several trunks that could be used as a coffee table and bonus storage space but when I went to look inside the salesman freaked out and told me if you open it you bought it and the store was not responsible for any curses, plagues, or otherwise bad things released on the world.

You would think a store like that would have more people reporting them, but no. And to top it off, the complaints were for ridiculous things like items not being creepy enough or curses being too weak.

I know this town has always been – strange and unusual – but it just seems to me that more and more people are embracing it. Like a giant coming out party, but slower and with creepy things.

While I was sitting on the commemorative bench thinking about this a UFO group came by and asked me to take their picture. I obliged them of course, trying to get some information while I was at it. Nothing useful came of it other than a few allusions to a place in Logansville with a UFO area. I pressed them but they didn’t know anything else despite all their research into it. I might go and talk to Mr. Browne.

I need to get back to my research. If I’m right, and I usually am, well kind of…some of the time, whatever. If I’m right – this story is going to shake up Logansville in a way that’s never happened before.

Remember, if it’s from Bob’s it’s most likely bad news.


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