Thank God it’s Monday…

I never thought I would be happy to see the start of a new week.  As you can imagine I had one hell of a weekend.

Last night I met with a confidential source who told my Mr. Browne reported another “light” incident to the police. Nothing was done, as usual. I’m not going near this one because last time I had a psychiatrist following me for two months.

Sunday afternoon I had lunch at the diner and ran into that annoying real estate lady that threatens me with not being allowed to own a house here. Me! My family has lived her forever and if I want to buy a house, she isn’t going to stop me.

Anyways, she accused me of trailing her and taking pictures of her. Now, I’m all for investigative journalism. You’re not a reporter until you’ve slept next to a dumpster, but all the things I do in the name of getting the story, I admit to. She didn’t believe me when I said I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she tossed her leftover meatloaf at me.

Who does that? Seriously?

Sunday morning my hot water wasn’t working and when the repairman showed up I heard that strange noise in my closet again. I asked him to take a look but he refused. Not sure, but he looked kind of scared. Weird.

Saturday night I met with Lucha. Thankfully, he wore jeans over his Speedo. Some interesting stuff, though the best part was he is a nice guy. And sadly some of his birds were killed by a wolf…last Friday. I feel bad for the guy knowing what he’s been through. Needless to say, he’s helping me with my story.

Saturday I met with my study group for Ethics Or Journalism. Of course, I was the only one to argue on the side of Ethics. Man, reporters can suck sometimes.

Friday I hung out in the alley where the “mummies” were spotted. And though I did not spot any guys wrapping about insider trading (see what I did there?), I did see some strange lights…and we all know how that ends.

Sigh – here’s hoping for a calmer week and some time to dig into my story.

Just breathe, folks!



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