Wrapping it up

The end of another week in Logansville.

We have a new Chief of police who thinks he’s a detective. I did some digging on him and can’t find much about him so he’s either new or not that great at his job. Either answer does not bode well for the current situation involving body parts.

I have to admit, he does have guts. Officer Perry, you know the one, hasn’t met a doughnut he can say no to, came to one of my classes and advised us to be careful, walk in pairs, don’t walk alone…all the stuff women already have to live with. Pretty sure this will not go over well with a certain guy up for re-election. The public will want answers and as far back as I can remember nothing like this has happened, at least nothing the police acknowledged.

I’m still compiling the information and keeping my eye out for any missing person reports. That ear has to belong to someone and I doubt our Pickler (I need a new name for him) is pulling a Van Gogh.

To end the week, we have some reports coming in from Cecil Sousterre, he runs one of the fancier funeral homes. Three separate witnesses, whom I trust, reported mummified looking people leaving the back entrance on Wednesday night. Two people heard moans, and one claimed it was more like mumbled chanting. No mention of a book.  A fourth, unvetted source, said the three were trading stock tips.

Mummy insider trading, or something more sinister? I’m going to have to keep an eye on this.

On the good news front, that annoying psychiatrist hasn’t been bugging me. All it took was four change of numbers, the threat of a restraining order, and more than likely a stern talking to with my aunt Gina.  She works in the Bitter Animal Wildlife Refuge, and as much as I ask what goes on she won’t tell me. One look at her and you know she’s seen things and doesn’t scare easy. Wrangling a shrink is child’s play to her.

In other random news , I’m meeting with Lucha and his “burds” soon, so if you don’t hear from me – check his freezer first.

Keep reading, folks.



One thought on “Wrapping it up

  1. Ayayay, chica! The Luchador has terriblest of news. Some pinche pendejo wolf ate all the big burds! But have no worry as the Luchador’s mama taught him well, y despite such haimous of atrocipies on the beautiful burds, he has used his skills to sew a beautiful scarf of pink feathers for his friends at the muchachos discoteca.

    Perhaps he will bring you one, too!

    Looking with great forward for the cafe and our chat, chica!

    The Luchador wants you all to know that he loves you all unconventionally!


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