Big things going on all around…

Well, I have no idea what happened yesterday.

A celebration? A big one…

There was a lot of buzz and chatter but none of it made sense. But it’s my job to make sense of the senseless, or something like that.

I ran into the new chief, detective, whatever the heck he wants to call himself at the diner. I can’t say I’m all that impressed by him, not to mention he smells like my Uncle Willy the morning after a bender. I don’t blame him, though. If I was handed a pickled ear on my first day of work I might be inclined to think the job description was lacking in a few details.

Oh well, Chief Jorgenson, sink or swim. Logansville’s a deep end, buddy.

Now, for what I’ve found. Other than a serial killer on the loose? Other than body parts being sent to the police? How can I possibly top that?

Trust me, I can and will. I just need some time.

Until then, I have an obligation to keep people apprised of all things strange and unusual. And I got a little something for ya, or a big something.

Mrs. Gigham reported the theft of her garbage can again. Now this family has a history of doing well in the Bigfoot realm, so I took to some investigating (who knew how disgusting some people are when it comes to trash preparation, seriously some of you are just gross) in her yard.

She claimed she saw a creature over seven feet tall. Usually, when she calls this in, I get there when the men in suits “animal control, my ass” are leaving. Yesterday, I was first. Which would feel like a victory if I didn’t suspect they were looking into something more serious. Anyways, I found some footprints, a few hairs of questionable origin (mental note, buy latex gloves and carry at all times), and a strange aroma in the air. Do Bigfoots (Bigfeet? What is the plural of that?) mark their territory? Something to look into, and it’s going to be a dirty job.

So while I do that, remember to keep safe and if anyone has seen or HEARD anything out of the ordinary, you know who to tell.

Me, if you didn’t know.


4 thoughts on “Big things going on all around…

  1. Dear Lucy:

    Good morning. I hope this finds you well. I have been enjoying your articles for the past few weeks and I first want to thank you. Being a student, I’m sure you can understand the need for a good story to break the monotony of grading exams and fixing students’ financial forecasts. Goodness but I feel for this country if any of these poor kids make it to D.C. as financial advisers. Our GNP will never be the same with predictions of GDP to surplus/deficit miscalculations!

    Again, I just wanted to say thank you.

    But also let you know that your are not the only one noticing strange goings on in Logansville. For the past few months I’ve taken to walking the park with my boyfriend and I can’t explain the feeling other than something or someone is always there–you guessed it–around the full moon. It’s just a feeling, but thought you might like to know.

    This Mr. Vlassic person certainly seems eloquent enough, but goodness does he send some warning signals. Yes, do be careful, Lucy. Incidentally, it’s going around. I have been receiving odd notes on my desk at school. At first I thought it was from one of my young male students–a really sweet guy who I think is a dancer or a martial artist (he certainly has the build and that’s me blushing…hope you are not going to publish this because my boyfriend can be sensitive, bless his heart). But the more I think about, Zach can barely get to class on time, poor thing is so overloaded with work and not being able to say no to helping…well… everyone. He’s sweet, but daft at times, I’m afraid. What made me write you though, was the last note. It was a compliment on my hair. I remember this person asked you about that yourself. Creepy!

    I have to run, but hope to see you on campus soon. Maybe we can do lunch and I can get an inside scoop on your next article. I would love that!!

    Take care, Lucy, and never stop doing what you do so well!

    BTW, I know Mrs. Gigham and she is really very sweet, and yes, those trash cans have been on ongoing issue for years, poor thing. She also had a problem last year with basketball-sized hairballs in her yard.

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    • Ms. $en$e,
      The economy is pretty dire, but then again no one here in Logansville seems to talk about it. Always something else more pressing, scandalous, or just plain weird. Which is where I come in.
      I am so happy you read and enjoy my blog. I wish more people did.
      Never heard of the guy you’re talking about. I don’t have time for dating, too busy trying to break the next big story, and that is what I plan on doing.
      You are right about so many things. Be careful with whoever is sending you those notes. I hate to say it but maybe the new chief/detective can help you out? Not that I think he is capable of doing his job.
      Yes, we should meet, I would actually like to talk more about these notes and any other information you may have on Gigham and the strange attraction these giant furry creatures have with her.


  2. Ms. Lane,
    Hi! How are things (besides strange and unusual)?

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and although I find it entertaining and amusing, I think you are on to something or some things.

    Until now, I’ve been nothing but a quiet and reserved observer of the weird phenomena in this town , but now Ms. Lane, I’m in great need of answers. The weirdness is increasing in frequency and duration and I do not believe in the ” official” explanations.

    Regarding Mrs. Gigham, I can’t help but to wonder how you handled/manipulated the physical evidence you collected -because you did collect it, right?
    You made a mold of the footprints? If not, you managed to take pictures, I hope?
    The hairs….what color and length were they? Any follicles attached to them?? The aroma you perceived…..please use your extensive knowledge of words to describe it! Have you a person with some sort of scientific background to help you deal with such samples? If not, I might be able to help you….

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    • Hi Ms. Dat Lab Chick,

      I am so happy to talk with a fellow believer.

      I did, in fact, get a blurry image of the footprint (aren’t they all?)

      As for hair samples, I have several – not sue which goes with what. Some are raccoon or maybe squirrel. Others are dog, and then there are the…hard to explain ones. The strange dark color that changes in the light. Those ones are about 8 to 9 inches in length.

      As for follicles being attached, none that I can see. These all seem to be “shedded.”

      The aroma – even with my skill with words, thanks for that, it is hard to describe it. I’ll do my best.
      Imagine that cheese that smells like feet, but moldy. Then mix in some rotten meat. After that miasma is swirling around, just enough to make your stomach churn, add in a hint of sour milk and burnt coffee.

      Do you have access to a place that could test these? I might be able to get my hands on a giant hairball someone submitted during the Bigfoot festival. Who knows what it is, but there is always the possibility.


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