I’ve got a bad feeling.

So, as you know last Friday was the full moon. Fantastic for star gazers, but not so great for a select few.

I mentioned before that I was onto something. Well, I was more than right about it being serious and huge. I went in to the police station on a hunch and met the new chief…detective? I have no idea and he doesn’t seem to either.

Before his arrival, I was gathering information using my reporter skills (eavesdropping) and heard mention of The Pickler. Then, as I said, the new guy entered, and let me just tell you he is not a believer. He had the nerve to tell me if Bigfoot became a suspect he’d call me. Seriously, as if Bigfoot would leave evidence it was him.

Anyways, while they were talking, I blended into the background to see what would unfold and I swear on my grandmother’s copy of Bigfoot Rising, someone sent an ear preserved in a jar to the police. I tried to snap a picture but was ushered out and lots of blah “official police business” blah “You can’t print that” blah.

So, my hunch was right. There is something happening, something bad. It has to do with the full moon and I admit it is worse than I thought. If someone is sending pickled organs to the police…that means someone is out there killing people. And if they have a nickname for this psycho, it’s not the first jar they’ve received.

I hope the new chief knows what’s he’s doing or at the very least has a slick learning curve or things are going to get a whole lot worse.

All other investigations will be taking a back seat to this.

Stay safe, folks.


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