Full Moon Friday

And that is a wrap, people.

What a week…man am I tired.

But, I got some good Intel, kind of like my teachers, and really like my classes. I went head to head with my advisor, Mrs. Kidder, about an expose I want to do on the mayor but she shot me down – again. I’ll keep trying until she lets me, something isn’t right about that guy. I don’t give a damn if it is an election year, am I the only one?

Mr. Lucha, a.k.a. Burd Man, I have heard it on good authority (a confidential source) that you are good people and not likely to slice and dice me if we were to meet. So, yes I will meet at your inconvenience, in a well-lit and populated area, Speedo not necessary. I would love to hear your take on the strange and unusual around here.

Speaking of, did anyone notice the chief is still gone and no one has replaced him yet? I don’t know what is weirder, a town with no chief or the fact George and Joe are in charge. Let’s hope nothing major happens until we get a replacement.

Last but not least, and certainly not in this instance – tonight is the full moon. If what I’ve been working on is right, I advise you all to stay indoors. Something’s brewing, and though I have no evidence to back it up – I assure you I have your best interests at heart.

Be safe, people!




2 thoughts on “Full Moon Friday

  1. Ah Chica, the Luchador will be at the Harry’s Wednesday morning after he feeds and runs his big burds. Maybe 10 am, no? And then he will allow you to imbulge him with the very good cafe and maybe pie. Bueno?

    The Luchador reminds all of you that he loves you all unconventionally!


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