Wednesday Weirdness

Hey folks!

Mid-week is here. How is yours going? I wish I could say mine is going fantastic, but I can’t, and so I will leave it there and get to the point. (Mental note do not contradict your professor of “Crafting the truth” with actual facts, they don’t like it.)

I thought all was quiet last week. I was wrong. Sort of.

Turns out the bench dedicated to Roger Nelson has an interesting history to it. I’ve taken to eating lunch on it every now and then between classes. I had hoped to discover some strange activity, but other than the out-of-towners who come in and pay some weird homage to it nothing has happened.

I did however overhear a conversation with Mr. Browne and another man. I couldn’t make out everything they were talking about, but it would seem Mr. Browne is scared, nervous, and rightly ticked off that no one is doing anything about the lights, or lack thereof. He’s worried something big’s going down. And I can’t blame him. He’s also annoyed with me spending so much time on the bench and when I tried to apologize that damn psychiatrist showed up. I swear that man has nothing better to do.

Several hikers have reported more sightings than usual and animal control has gone in to investigate but found nothing. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think it might be a good idea for people to hang up their boots for the time being. Did I mention the strange “thing” they found out there? A circle made out of sticks with rocks forming a symbol on the bottom. Officer Perry spoke with the first year Interdimensional Portal Studies students but no one fessed up to the prank. I tried to get a better look at the thing, but it was taped off and the men in suits were there. Anyone have some photos to share? Something else to add to the list?

As for what I’m working on…it makes me want to howl at the moon – but I can’t. Not yet. It will be big, I promise you that. If all goes to plan, I’ll be able to reveal everything next week.

Til then, hope we all make it to Friday in one piece, and I mean that literally, people.



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Weirdness

  1. Ms. Lane… I assume it is Miss, I would like an interview, please. I, too, have taken notice of strange goings on. Perhaps we could arrange for a late session in the park one evening? I assure you everything is kosher, as they say. By the way, what is the color of your hair, perchance?

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    • Mr. Vlassic,
      That’s an interesting name…is it Slavic or something more commercial, er I mean different?

      What have you noticed if you don’t mind me asking? Are you aware this Friday is a full moon? Do you keep track of such things?
      As to my hair color, I’ll keep that a mystery for now.


      • Ahhhh, Ms. Lane. You are a feisty one. That is perfect. I do love a full moon. All will be revealed during our session in the park Friday. Shall we say…11ish? I do prefer to get these things done by midnight, you understand. I’m such an early riser. Incidentally, how are you feeling health-wise? Kidneys in good order and such? Just a curiosity of mine. I look forward to seeing you very soon, Ms. Lane.

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  2. Oh, hon! Be careful, sweetie. I don’t recognize that Vlassic person and I know everyone in this town. Even the Mexican wrestler guy (he’s odd, but cute). Hugs.


  3. Chica, The Luchador offers you his protection. If you choose to meet the gringo in the park, he will bring with us his very big burds as will. And The Luchador promises to wear his uniform , the spedo you like so much.

    The Luchador wants you all to know that he loves you all unconventionally!


    • Hello Luchador,

      God help me, you are growing on me. Yes we can meet, but I am not sure Friday night is a good idea. When my friends weird-dar goes off I pay attention, and that Vlassic guy is setting hers off big time.

      Talk to you soon!


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