A bear of a week…not literally

Hey folks,

How have you been? Last week was a bear. This semester is going to be interesting, but aren’t they all? I mean when the physics department is rumored to be opening portals and at least one professor a year from the biology department gets brought up on lack-of-ethics charges, what else do you expect?. I’ve already had nine debates and been kicked out of my Ethics or Journalism class and we’ve only had two sessions. I have a feeling my professor doesn’t like me. Call it a hunch.

And speaking of hunches, I was right. About that thing I haven’t been able to tell you about. Something serious is definitely going on. I went to the police station to talk to the chief but he’s “taking time,” which never means anything good in this town. While I was in the office I overheard a conversation that had to do with pickles, not sure where that comes in, but my gut tells me it has to do with the stuff I’m researching. No matter what, this isn’t going to end well.

I’ll know more next week.

As for strange and unusual sightings or reports last week, things were pretty quiet. Then again, I have a feeling it has to do with what I’ve stumbled upon. Which I can’t talk about. But a certain city official has been on the news more than usual asking for people to remain calm, but not mention of what might be making us uncalm. And not only are people from the Logansville Psychiatric hospital and the men in suits following me, but I’m pretty sure I can add ninjas or demons to that list.

I was grabbing a shirt from my closet and I swear I heard something in there. I figured mice or ack! rats, but my landlord checked it out and said no. I headed to Final Nail Hardware just in case and bought a few of those humane traps.

I need to get back to it, and as always if you think of anything or see anything let me know and I’ll investigate.


5 thoughts on “A bear of a week…not literally

  1. Mm, girl. Pretty quiet?! Ha! I don’t know what you did to the Nelson monument, but Roger’s nephew was in here two nights ago drinking coffee with his sugar, if you’re drinking what I’m pouring. Rat-tled. I couldn’t figure out if he was upset over the lights going away out there on the Nelson place, or something else. I do no one thing. He does not like Lucy Lane! Good gracious, hon. Stay away from that one. Oh he’s harmless, but after watching him damn near have kittens in Harry’s that night, I’m afraid you might give the poor boy an aneurysm!

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    • I need to get back out there but every time I try I bump into that darn doctor and he starts asking me about my family and then tossing ink blots at me. Like the fact I see Big Foot in all of them means anything, sheesh.

      I am sure I can make things better with Mr. Nelson. I know just the way, too!


  2. Soooooo, chica. You no longer like my big burds???? I was hoping for an interview under more clam-destined ambitance. For all intensive purposes it would seem you think the great Luchador is not interesting to you. Tch. Your loss, amiga. The Luchador must says his goodbyes. Goodbyes.

    Though if you may still wish for a clam-destined audience, I am sure the Luchador can acomplicate you.


    ¿Or is it?

    The Luchador loves you all unconventionally!

    Signed, The Greatest of Luchadors

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  3. Hello Mr. Luchador,

    I responded to your other rather interesting comment, perhaps you did not see it? I would like to meet and talk with you in a more open, lots of people, no corners, and a few security cameras thrown in for fun kind of area? Something less clam-destined than you were thinking and more safe-destined if you know what i mean. Are okay with that, it’s a plan. I saw another news report about a man leading ostriches around…was that you sans Speedo this time?


    • Chica, when won desires for to host an audence with The Luchador, won will follow her desires to find him. The Luchador does not simply come to the snapping fingers of a child! He is to be sought for. Like a jest and mighty Azteca god that he is!

      The Luchador lkes the cafe at your Harry Diner on Wednesday mornings.

      The Luchador will always fight for the little people, no matter whose garden they inhabitate.

      The Luchador loves you all unconventionally.

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