Blanket forts

Friday, I’m so happy to see you.

First, I am never leaving again. It took me six hours to travel a supposed twenty miles. I had to gas up twice and lost phone service for most of the trip – despite cell towers were visible. Mountain interference my butt. Something about where Logansville is…but I’ll have to dig into that later.

Upon my arrival home, I discovered it’s been quiet, or so they tell me. Not that I trust any article in the paper I didn’t write.

I got back into town last night after a few pit stops. I met a really nice woman who offered to share her vortex with me and let me hold her crystal. To get rid of a sidewalk salesman I had to buy a dream catcher made out of said salesman’s hair and the bones of crow. Then I met a guy who offered me a spot at his camp for adults. After that, I refused to make eye contact no matter what.

Back to the reason I was out of town – the information I’ve gathered is pretty conclusive, but I can’t share that right now.

Instead, let’s talk about the archives. Remember those? The records I’ve been trying to access for weeks above the Ledger. A new security system right out of a Clancy novel that appeared out of nowhere to stop me. Well, they’re open now. Problem is, there’s nothing in there. I charged into my editor’s office and was ready to read him the riot act but a couple of those shady guys in suits were there so I did an about face and went straight home, locked the doors, and hid under my thickest, safest blanket. (I may be typing this from there right now.)

I spoke to one of my colleagues and she begrudgingly told me that the story was they were fumigating. I don’t buy it. Those suit-guys only show up when something weird is going down. The only thing is what went down…or what are they trying to prevent me from finding?

I start school next week and my hours at the paper will be cut, not that it matters. Maybe I’ll talk to my advisor. She’s usually on my side when it comes to the strange things that happen, then again since she met with the mayor she’s been different.

Well, folks, I’m going to see if what I’ve uncovered fits together with some other things. If so, expect a major story. If not, expect a thrilling recap of the student mixer this weekend.



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