Bigfoot weekend…big deal

Well, folks, it’s Monday.

Going to be a busy week for me. Last bit of free time before classes start.

This past weekend was the annual Bigfoot Watch. Three hundred of Logansville’s most ardent supporters of the great sasquatch gathered along with friends, family, and a few visitors to set up camp in the woods and wait for Bigfoot.

We ate the usual food, Bigfoot burgers with Sasquatch Shakes, and SpaYeti and meatballs for the kids.

The usual contests were held.

Blurriest photo on their phone – M. Gigham

Grainiest home video – J. Gigham

Most ridiculous encounter story – C. Johnson (Claims he was abducted by a crew of Bigfoots, experimented on, probed, chipped, tattooed with a rose and the name Emily beneath it, and then returned to Nebraska, naked. His ex-wife chimed in about alimony and Mr. Johnson ran back into the woods screaming for them to “take him back.”)

Most sightings – K. Gigham

Most encounters – O.Gigham

I noticed a trend at this point and tried to position myself near the Gigham clan. I heard a few interesting snippets about their trash, the hiking trails, and a special recipe their grandma used. I made the required memo to investigate after they spotted me and pointed to the other side of the park in a not friendly way.

After that, the attendees meandered into drinking contests. I remember this event being a lot more fun as a kid. Then again my mom dressed me in a baby Bigfoot outfit and I spent most of the weekend running away from people. I’m surprised I lived through it now that I think back.

*Mental note, call mom.

I’m going to be on the road doing some legwork on a potential story. I mentioned it earlier, something big. Huge. If I’m right, this is serious, people. But I need to make sure, and I need to do it fast.


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