In a mask and a Speedo

A bit of excitement to round out the week. A masked individual in a Speedo broke into Pied Piper Pet store and let all the animals free. Now, I would usually applaud the efforts but I don’t think this person had the best interests of the animals in mind and the aftermath is strange and unusual…


First clue – He wore a wrestling mask (and a Speedo) and held several random people down until someone counted to ten and hit the ground next to him. The police, our one officer on duty, was no match for this guy. (Seriously, George, lay off the donuts!)

Second clue – He let all the future pets go: Goldfish, lizards, toads, birds, kittens, puppies, hedgehogs, skunks, snakes. As a rule, goldfish are not known to survive well on their own and don’t even get me started on the reptilian and arachnid components. Can we say never sleeping again?

Third clue – He also “freed” several books from the library, a few slushies from Drac’s Snacks, and several Speedos from Slip and Slide Swimwear.

Fourth clue – He was wearing a mask and a Speedo. Did I mention that? This really should count as clues five and six as well.

Seventh cue – He appeared to be in command of an ostrich army. Witnesses reported the large birds followed him and attacked anyone who got near them.

Final clue this was something other than it seemed was the fact those weird guys in dark suits showed up, a team in Haz-Mat suits, a lion tamer, and several guys with what I can only assume were elephant guns, and then we were told to go home and follow the new curfew until all the animals were recaptured. We’re talking kittens and puppies here, guys…right?

I swear to you, I have heard noises that no animal from a pet store would make, heck, no animal I know of would make.

Not sure what’s up, folks, but I think I need to add this pet store to the list of things to investigate.

When curfew is lifted.

And I know all the snakes and spiders are back where they should be.


2 thoughts on “In a mask and a Speedo

  1. Ahhhh. So you like my very large burds, chica? Their is a best for chance we can prerange a meeting, then? A midnight wrongday-view, perhaps? The Luchador is happy to commendate all of His royal fans, and wants for you all to know that He loves you all unconventionally.

    Until next time, chica,

    (Por favor, the Luchador prefers our comunicases to be pacificly for your eyes alone)

    Lucha de Leche
    The Fighter for the Little People

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mr. Leche,
    I do like your “burds” and am curious where you got them? They seem to be rather smart, too smart.

    As for a prerange midnight wrongday-view meeting – I was thinking of somewhere really public, well-lit, and where no animals are allowed. That work for you?

    Out of curiosity, where are you from and what little people are you fighting for? Are they the same ones that have been spotted stealing yard tools from people’s sheds? Because rumor has it those are lawn gnomes.


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