Mr. Browne Follow-up

Hello, Readers! How is everyone?

How is my UFO buddy doing? You know who you are.

Monday starts off with a bang, well not literally, but you know what I mean. (I have to put a disclaimer since you just never know with this town anymore)

Last week I shared a story with you about Mr. Browne. Well, my follow-up on it has been interesting. Since I have yet to perfect my ninja-like moves and find a way to bypass the security system between me and the paper’s archives, I’ve had to get creative. And it paid off.

You know how each year we have that group that comes in from out of town. To be more specific, since there has been a surge in the people visiting Logansville now that I think about it, I am referring to the ones that like to hang out by the park bench in the park next to Main St. They wear the silver hats that say “Alien Abductees, Please Come Again” and are skittish if you get too close. I got to thinking that this might not be a normal small town thing to have happen. Turns out I was right. Logansville is not your average town, not by a longshot.

With this new information in hand and some details from a few UFO enthusiasts, I moseyed on over to the bench in question this weekend to see what the big deal was and guess what I found. A plaque hidden beneath it. Strange? Yes, I thought so. I mean who the heck can read it? Even if there are such things as U.F.O.s (and I’m neither confirming nor denying if that annoying psychiatrist is reading this) what kind of message is this?

Dedicated to Roger Nelson

The one who didn’t make it back


Mind blown. Who is Roger Nelson? What happened in 1938? Why do people meet around this bench once a year? What does U.F.O. stand for? It can’t be what I think because nothing is that easy here. I have so many questions, but they will have to wait until I can get into those archives. In the meantime, I’m going to examine everything in this town with a magnifying glass to try and find more clues.

*I still think I’m being followed, and someone keeps calling and hanging up on me.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Browne Follow-up

  1. That bench is a well respected MONUNENT by our loving Logansville community! You would KNOW that if you were PART of it, the COMMUNITY, ONE OF US!!! Now leave Uncle Roger’s bench alone and leave US alone with your yellow journalism practices, Missy! In fact, just LEAVE!!!!

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