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Hello, Monday. We meet again.

How is everyone doing? I’ve heard most people are recovered from the events of the weekend. Dr. Wilson is taking a well-deserved vacation day. And Drac’s Snacks is out of antacids. I swear if I had enough money I would stock up on that stuff and open up a stand whenever Logansville holds any sort of cooking festival.

But, onto the strange and unusual. The reason you’re here!

While everyone ate their way to the emergency room I was doing research. The recent uptick in “strange” creature sightings and “unusual” noises department intrigued me. I hit the archives at the Ledger (Usually they’re locked which made me want to get  inside even more. I mean who locks up our history unless they’re hiding something?) and discovered, not to my surprise, that these complaints are not reported. The police get calls. They send people out. They say something to appease them. And then, nothing.

I’ve lived here my whole life. I have seen things that defy explanation and trust me I’ve looked. However, the one thing that has always bothered me is the lack of reporting. Is this why people are so lax about the total lunacy that occurs in our town? Are they unaware? Do they think their friends and neighbors are crazy? Or, is it possible that they’re scared?

I dove into the stacks of musty old papers in an attempt to see if some brave reporter from the past may have tried to expose the truth about this place. And I found something.

Now, I can’t say what I discovered, but I can say this. It was not what I was expecting and if I’m right we have a serious problem on our hands. I mean, just how many “missing” people has Logansville had over the decades, and why? Is it a serial killer? Cult? Residents running away? And why is it that there is nothing on Private Acres. Something isn’t right, and I intend to find out what.

While writing this I got a message from one of my “informants” and have to head over to Gigham residence. There’s been another possible Big Foot sighting and I want to get there before animal control takes over and destroys all the evidence. I don’t trust those guys. Since when does anyone who works animals show up in polished shoes and black suits?

More this week about my ongoing investigation…


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