What is the deal with Private Acres?

One of my sources came through with an interesting bit of news that fits right in with strange and unusual.

Private Acres. You know, the subdivision with armed guards and ten-foot walls with razor wire on top? Not exactly the type of place that says move here and raise your family. More like screams “Keep the hell out!”

My family has lived here for several generations and Private Acres has always been here. Visible, but not accessible. They have their own school system and I’ve heard they have stores and what not so they don’t have to come out and mingle with the “locals” unless absolutely necessary.

Well, my friend pointed me in the direction of some old maps in the archives of the municipal building dating back over 400 years. Weird, right? Since no one actually made maps of this area back then…but someone apparently did. And on those maps, Private Acres is there. A tad smaller with a fence encompassing all of Logansville. On the earliest draft, there are strange icons of creatures dotting the landscape, a few on the doorsteps of homes that appear to have always been there because no plans exist for them nor are there any records about ownership, even though that’s impossible, right?

According to the date on one of the maps, it wasn’t until the mid-1700’s that the fence was taken down and the wall was built around the “always there” homes in Private Acres.

So, now I’m looking into these icons and why the building records for this stuff subdivision are missing.

Updates to come…


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