Re-opening the hiking trails…that never ends well.

The end of the week has not brought any revelations but more questions are popping up.

I went to the archives of the paper and talked with various “sources”. Rumor has it the constant petitioning of nature enthusiasts in Logansville might get the old hiking trail in the woods opened up. Again. After being closed due to missing hikers, again.

If the park rangers and city officials allow this, I imagine the same routine to play out that I have witnessed since childhood.

One, paths re-open and people rejoice.

Two, strange photographs being to circulate of shadows, blurry outlines, and downright scary looking animals. (It’s called Bottomless Pit State Park for a reason and being right next to Bitter Animals Wildlife Refuge can’t be a coincidence)

Three, an attack or two of varying severity of which the descriptions of the “attacker” keep people armed and in their houses for a week or in some cases, months.

Four, someone goes missing. Nine times out of ten it’s a hiker. His or her family will talk about how prepared they were, “They even made their own trail mix!” People will gather, form search parties, but before any action can be taken the mayor steps in and closes the trails until further notice.

Since I was able to hold a paper, this has been the routine with little to no deviation. I’m not sure if the town accepts it or if they are too frightened to say anything. I do have my suspicions that several people want to go up there and look for friends and family that went missing during prior brief re-openings of the trails.

However, what makes this boring story of interest to me is the fact that many of the disappeared people are not on file, their stories not in the archives of the paper, and when you talk with town residents a few months later they get a glassy look in their eye and can’t quite remember what it is your talking about.

Not sure about you, but I suspect some monkey business….or perhaps some bitter animals?

Stay safe and don’t go hiking if they reopen the trails!


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