What’s in your pool?

Well, today I got a snippet that leads me to believe my suspicions about Logansville and its paranormal inclinations are not totally off the mark.

While walking down Main Street to hit Hairy’s Diner for my java fix I ran into Marge. She had just been to the salon to get her hair done and had spoken with Julie who had spent the morning at the Lunar Library for the Wednesday Weird reading group.

Apparently, a Logansville resident has contacted the police and been referred to animal control over his concerns of a large sea creature that has taken up residence in his pool. Now to be fair, no one has actually seen the creature in question nor has the resident provided a photo. In fact, he says “Linus” as he calls it, tends to come and go. When pressed further by an animal control agent (a friend of a friend of a neighbor who used to know Julie) the resident explained that Linus simply disappeared for varying lengths of time.

There are so many possibilities here. Pool monster, lost sea creature, goldfish gone bad. I have tried to find the name of the homeowner, and when I promise I will do everything in my power to get proof if there is any.

As always – keeping you up to date on the things no one talks about.


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