Summer’s almost over – time to get posting

Well, I’m back.

Summer here in Logansville was pretty low key for a change. This can only mean something big is brewing. I don’t have eyes in the sky or inside contacts. I have something better. I call it my “What the hell is going on?” network. My people are everywhere, and they are listening.

A couple of months ago I went to donate blood. I noticed a few things that didn’t sit right with me. I mentioned it to my editor at the paper and he wasn’t interested. Then I brought it to my advisor at the university and she seemed to like where I was going, but then changed her mind with no reason. Though, I have my suspicions as to why.

So, here’s the deal. When I went to the blood bank I answered the typical questions…and then flipped to a new section. Would my immediate family investigate if something went wrong during the blood donation? If selected, would I be able to donate on a regular basis? Would I be willing to make home visits? How often do I eat garlic?

I asked the nurse what the deal was and she rebuffed me. Told me if I was not interested in saving lives and the risks associated with giving blood that I should just leave.

I began to suspect something was up, a big something. I scribbled a few things on the papers and handed them off. While I waited at the desk I spotted a few files and may have skimmed through them.

Certain blood types from people who met specific criteria were being delivered to the mayor’s office.

A giant red flag planted itself in my brain and my gut clenched. I had a story.

The sleepy town of Logansville (where strange and unusual is written off as solar flares, that pesky Mercury being in retrograde, or meddling kids) was as I suspected. A hotbed of paranormal activity. Of course, when I tried to bust out this juicy bit of news I was stopped. But they can’t keep a good reporter down.

Is it possible there’s a vampire in the mayor’s office?

I plan to find out.

More tidbits to come…


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