Welcome to All Things Strange and Unusual

My name is Lucy Lane. For years I have noticed things happening around Logansville. Things that get brushed under the carpet. Things that don’t make it into the paper. Things that need to be brought out into the light.

This blog is for those of you out there that believe. Those of you that KNOW something isn’t right with Logansville and want to uncover the truth.

We’ve all heard the murmurs. Seen things that make no sense but are explained away as random weather phenomenon or glare from the sun (on a cloudy day), among other ridiculous explanations.

I’m tired of being lied to.

I, with the help of others who I will call my information gatherers, plan to expose Logansville for what it really us.

A gathering place for all the things that fall into the “other” category. A paranormal hotspot.

Home to the strange and unusual.


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